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Hi, I’m Robyn, your personal wardrobe stylist!

As the youngest of 4 with two older sisters, hand-me-downs were my life. To make matters worse, my mom dressed us alike, so I wore the same outfits in three different sizes for years. I longed for my own style. 


In my early 20’s, I developed an eye for fashion. I truly loved following designers and learning how to put things together. My budget, at the time, taught me to shop with intention and make the most out of my clothing spend. As my career developed over time, my budget changed along with it. However, I still maintained the ability to shop with intention and work with what I had. 


Our household income was drastically affected when the economy took a hit in 2008. I was in a commission sales role and knew I needed to be on my “A” game. As a salesperson for many years, I knew how important a first impression can be. That starts with how you dress. 


When I opened my closet doors, my first thought was always that I needed new clothes. Then, reality would set in, and I knew I could not afford to buy anything. It was in these moments that I remembered that I could shop my own closet and create new outfits from what I already owned.


Shopping my own closet and creating new outfits is always a fun challenge. I get excited to find new ways to style things and get rid of the clutter that does not serve me or my goals anymore. With fresh new outfits from my closet, I can head out the door with an abundance of confidence. 


With my styling skills at their sharpest, my income soared over 20% from the previous year. Even though my career has taken many turns since my early 20’s, including a clothing line and a women’s fitness studio, I’ve still maintained my love for fashion, styling, and confidence-building. 


Becoming a personal stylist brought my worlds together and I am now thrilled to be helping women embrace the body they have from the inside out. It brings me so much joy to help women maximize their wardrobes and learn how to be savvy and strategic when it comes to buying clothes. 


Most importantly, my clients now have confidence and a sparkle in their step when they walk out the door each day to shine their light.


“I really appreciate your caring, kindness, and styling expertise. It was so very helpful, and I was truly happy to meet and work with you here at my house. Thank you also for your encouraging, empowering presence. You helped me feel at ease right away with a brand new experience.”


— Barbara

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