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Respect begins with you.

Our goal must be decency and respect for every human we encounter — Oprah

 I am still reeling in all the joy from our family trip to Japan. Although I was excited to go, I had no idea how much this country would grab my heart!! Instagram Reel on Japan Style and other Sites.

The people were incredibly kind and respectful! When you ride on the trains or subway, everyone is quiet, and no one is talking. So much respect for others! When you walk down the streets with millions of people, you see no one walking around eating or drinking and in turn no trash at all on the streets. Everywhere we went it was clean and very safe!

Although there was a huge language barrier, we were able to manage and the Japanese people did everything they could to accommodate us! Our interactions always ended with a smile and a bow.

Of course, the fashion really grabbed my attention. I absolutely loved how everyone was dressed and polished…women and men. Even those riding their bicycles to work still wore a skirt, dress, or nice trousers. No short short skirts. Everyone looked fabulous! This circles back to a respect for themselves and for others.

I share a lot around here on how we show up each day matters, and it came through so clearly in Japan. No sweats, workout wear, or pajamas on the streets. So here is my challenge for you over the next few weeks. Before you step out the door, ask yourself how you feel and if you are putting your best self forward.

Here are some ways to uplevel without too much extra effort or time….

Shoes – Add a great shoe to a simple of my favorites!


Jacket - A fun jacket with jeans and sneakers.


Blouse – A beautiful blouse and jeans is always a chic look.


Graphic Tee – Pair with a blazer and fun pants or jeans.


Statement Necklace - A great way to complete an outfit...go really bold with color!


Dress - A dress is the easiest way to uplevel your outfit…one and done! A colorful dress always makes a statement or a midi style that is fashion forward and comfortable.

Leather Jacket – Add a leather jacket to a striped tee for a fresh spring look.


Here back at home I am reminded that we’ve become used to people treating others badly; it doesn’t shock us anymore. One thing I can do, is step up my kindness everywhere I can. Take a moment to really see others and smile so they know they have been seen!

Let's step into April with ease, grace, simplicity, and respect. I look forward to helping you clear the clutter, maximize your wardrobe, shine a little brighter, and feel fabulous every day!!

With Grace!


This fashion blog is written by Robyn Balsley, Fashion Stylist and CEO of Graceful Impression. Book a certified Fashion Stylist today to upgrade your style and look great from the inside out →

Photo Credits / Clothing: Madewell, Cabi, Anthropologie, JCrew


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