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Shopping Your Closet is Easier Than You Think

My best piece of style advice is to keep your wardrobe small and love everything in it! — Maye Musk

As the season begins to change, one of my favorite things to do is shop my own closet!

Guaranteed you have outfits you never dreamed of, just sitting there waiting to be discovered. There are so many items we have not looked at since late summer and they can have a fresh new look this spring.

Not only do you save money, but you are also being kinder to our planet. The average consumer throws away 81lbs of clothes every year…this means you have likely purged 400lbs of clothing from your closet over the past 5 years!

Instead of buying new, shop your closet first. Here is my challenge to you…Pull an item out that you love and never wear. Go to Pinterest and type in the item in the search bar (be as specific as possible) and add the word outfit. For instance, a red blazer…type in red blazer outfits for spring. This will give you multiple ways to wear something in a new way for the current season.

Denim Jacket Outfits for Spring

Slip Dress Outfits for Spring

White Denim Outfits for Spring

I love buying a new piece of clothing as the season changes and I have learned to be intentional. Don’t buy something to just wear once, be sure it goes with at least three things in your closet. This is how you build a wardrobe you love!

Let's step into May with ease, grace, and simplicity. I look forward to helping you clear the clutter, maximize your wardrobe, shine a little brighter, and feel fabulous every day!!

With Grace!


This fashion blog is written by Robyn Balsley, Fashion Stylist and CEO of Graceful Impression. Book a certified Fashion Stylist today to upgrade your style and look great from the inside out →

Photo Credits / Clothing: Madewell, Cabi, Anthropologie, JCrew


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