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The Perfect Swimsuit for you!

How you feel about yourself is more important than how you look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin - That's what really makes you beautiful!

~ Bobbi Brown

Happy Summer! Here in Colorado, the rain has finally stopped and the sun is shining! Ultimately, we can hit the pool, lake, or the beach. Whether traveling, or staying close to home, it might be time to update your swimsuit.

For many women, this season can be a time of increased insecurity about their body. We can be overly critical and overly analytical - often seeing flaws and imperfections that others don’t even notice.

Rather than give in to that, this summer let’s embrace the body we have right now. No matter your age or size..if you want to sport a two piece, go for it! If you wear it with confidence you will look fabulous!

There are so many places to buy swimwear. I love Everything But Water, they have so many options and help you find a suit for your body type. Athleta and Lululemon have numerous choices for athletic suits. Summersalt, Everlane, JCrew, and Anthropologie also have great collections.

A few things to consider when purchasing a new swimsuit:

The squat test

Either in the dressing room or at home (if you buy online), squat down a few times to be sure the bottoms don’t ride up. You don’t want to be fussing with your suit all day.

Your body shape

Apple-shaped ladies who tend to carry more weight in their stomach area may feel most comfortable in a retro-inspired, high-waisted suit as they highlight the smallest part of your waist.

For pear-shaped women who carry weight lower on the body, opt for a halter or interesting detail on top to help balance proportions.

Cover ups

Cover-ups – My favorite part of swimwear and completes the look! Try a mini caftan, sarong, or dress.

A well-fitted swimsuit paired with a great pair of sunglasses, a cute beach hat, and a chic cover-up can go a long way in making you look and feel more confident. Add to that a little self-tanner to get that sun-kissed look and you’ll automatically start feeling great!

Let's step into Summer with ease and grace. I look forward to helping you clear the clutter, maximize your wardrobe, shine a little brighter, and feel fabulous every day!

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